Raspberry Pi 5 18650 Battery UPS HAT (5.1V 5A)

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This is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) expansion board specifically designed for Raspberry Pi 5 Single Board Computer. It can be used as a mobile power supply, providing a stable 5V output with a maximum of 5A.

Its enhanced power management system can intelligently monitor the power status of Raspberry Pi 5 and automatically cut off power when Raspberry Pi 5 shuts down, thereby increasing usage time and battery lifespan. It supports power outage and power adapter failure detection, and can automatically switch to UPS power supply in the event of a power outage or adapter failure.

It can power on automatically when power is restored and can be completely shut down through software and I2C battery level detection. The automatic shutdown voltage can be set. Additionally, it supports fast charging with a maximum charging voltage of 3A, enabling quick charging. It is suitable for mobile power supply for Raspberry Pi 5 in various applications such as smart cars, outdoor equipment setups, and detection scenarios.

Installation diagram of the Raspberry Pi 5 UPS expansion board

Installation diagram of the Raspberry Pi 5 UPS expansion board

Interface diagram of the Raspberry Pi 5 UPS expansion board

Interface diagram of the Raspberry Pi 5 UPS expansion board

Interface diagram of the Raspberry Pi 5 UPS expansion board

Safety Instructions & Warnings

1. It is essential to read and understand these safety instructions and warnings before charging your batteries. Lithium Polymer and Li-ion batteries are volatile. Failure to read and follow the instructions below may result in fire, personal injury, and damage to property if charged or used improperly.

2. Never make a wrong polarity connection when charging or discharging battery packs. Always double-check the polarity of the battery's connector to ensure that "+" is connected to "+" and "-" is connected to "-"

3. Do not mix and use old batteries with new batteries, or batteries with different brand names

4. Lithium batteries have a limited cycle life. Please replace old batteries with new ones when they reach their service life or when they are two years old, whichever comes first

5. When charging the Battery Pack, please place the battery in a fireproof container. Do not leave the UPS shield on wood material or carpet unattended

6. Keep the UPS shield away from children to ensure their safety

7. Do not apply power to your Raspberry Pi via the Type-C USB socket.

8. Do not use 18650 battery with built-in protection circuit


Compatibility and Connection

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 5 and Raspberry Pi USB-C Power Supply
  • Pogo pin connection for powering the Pi, eliminating the need for additional cabling
  • Connects to the Pi via convenient pogo pins
  • XH2.54 connector available for adding your own power button

Power Management and Efficiency

  • Provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation
  • Supports a maximum current output of 5.1V 5000mA
  • Integrated Advanced Power MOSFET to minimize power loss
  • Integrated high-efficiency step-down DC-DC converter with up to 95% efficiency for optimal power conversion
  • Provides up to 5.5A output current
  • Wide operating input range of 6V to 18V
  • Allows power input from various sources
  • Seamless power switching between backup power and power adapter
  • Advanced system power-path management to minimize frequent charging and discharging of batteries
  • Ultra-low standby power consumption

Battery Management and Indicators

  • Supports fast battery charging with a capacity of 3000mA
  • Battery charging control can be managed via GPIO
  • Provides protection against battery overcurrent and overvoltage
  • Built-in protection against reverse connection of battery cells
  • Integrated fuel-gauge systems for reading battery voltage and percentage
  • On-board LEDs indicate battery charging and discharging levels
  • Features a 4-cell 18650 battery holder
  • Automatic safe shutdown when battery voltage is low (programmable)

Design and User Interface

  • On-board push button performs the same actions as the Pi's power button
  • Automatically cuts off power when the Pi is shut down
  • On-board LED indicates power status and Pi detection
  • AC power loss and power adapter failure detection via GPIO
  • Auto power-on when power is applied or restored
  • Designed to be attached on the bottom, allowing the use of favorite HATs alongside it


  • Power input: 6-18Vdc,(12Vdc 3A power adapter recommended)
  • UPS output: 5V ±5% Max 5A
  • Battery charging current: Max 2.3-3.2A
  • Terminal Battery Voltage: 4.23V
  • Battery Recharge Threshold: 4.1V
  • PCB Size: 97.4mm x 85mm

  • Ports & Connectors

  • DC power jack - 5.5x2.1mm
  • 2-cell 18650 battery socket x2
  • 5V Power output connector x2 - XH2.54 2-pin
  • USB2.0 type-A power output socket x2
  • External power button connector x1 - XH2.54-2P


Shipping List

  • Raspberry Pi 5 UPS x1
  • Screw pack x1



    Raspberry Pi 5 18650 Battery UPS HAT (5.1V 5A)

    In Stock