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Tri-Track Chassis Kit (no electronics)(Discontinued)

Tri-Track Chassis Kit (no electronics)(Discontinued)

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This Tri-Track Chassis Kit (no electronics) is Discontinued Now. We recommend those Tracked Chassis products as a suitable replacement and hope you will find what you are interested in.

The Lynxmotion Tri-Track Robot Kit is a robust chassis for your RC or autonomous robot experimentation. The robot is designed for indoor or outdoor use and performs well on many different surfaces. With the addition of the optional Base Rotate an arm or large sensor array can be added, or even a Johnny 5 style robot can be made! The chassis is designed to accept the Bot Board and/or the SSC-32. There's room for the Sabertooth 2 x 5 RC motor controller and an assortment of battery packs with room to spare. The robot is capable of carrying up to a 5lb payload.


The robot chassis is made from ultra-tough laser-cut Lexan structural components, and custom aluminum brackets. By utilizing heavy duty polypropylene and rubber tracks with durable ABS molded sprockets the robot has excellent traction. It includes two 12vdc 50:1 gear head motors.


  • Length = 10.00"
  • Width = 11.00"
  • Height = 5.00"
  • Ground Clearance = 1.00"
  • Deck Height = 3.00"
  • Deck Dimensions = 7.25" W x 7.88" D
  • Weight = 3.0 lbs (no batteries or electronics)
  • Speed = 17.2 in/sec


Shipping List

  • Wiring Harness - Battery Connector
  • 2 x Gearhead Motor Connection Wire
  • Laser cut Lexan structural components
  • 2 x Gear Head Motor - 12vdc 50:1 120rpm (6mm shaft) 
  • 2 x Track - 2" Wide x 21 links ~23" (single) 
  • 6 x Track Sprocket - 6 Link (Pair) 




Tri-Track Chassis Kit (no electronics)(Discontinued)