XAircraft X650 Value (8 motors , Carbon Firber)(Discontinued)

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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for specification and documents.

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X650V-8 has greater payload capability for Point and Shoot Cameras and Mini HD Camcorders ALSO with more flight time! More stable in higher winds using our NEW Lower Pitch Props and flying with Higher RPMs. New landing gear with good malleability can absorb more shock while landing.
X650V8 has all the outstanding characteristic of X650V4 - it has adopted the same fuselage, flight control, brushless motor, ESC and propeller as X650V4. The only difference is that X650V8 has 8 brushless motors and thus can provide stronger load capacity. X650 V4 users only need to order 4 brushless motors, 4 ESC and 4 propellers to upgrade X650 V to X650 V8 immediately! Of course,  Value-8 can also be downgraded to Value-4. In this way, it can help save electricity and give more flight time.
Optional: Adjustable mounting for camera mount and battery mount. With better view angle for AP/AV, and easily adjustable Center of Gravity for the whole machine
X650 Value-8 standard configuration
  • 1x X650 V8 frame and Landing gear 
  • 8x New Outrunner brushless motor
  • 8x 10A brushless ESC
  • 4x 10" Positive-propeller 
  • 4x 10" Negative-propeller
  • 1x XAircraft FC1212-S Flight controller 
  • 1x XAircraft AHRS-S Attitude sensors 
  • 1x XAircraft USB-Link to PC line
  • 1x XAircraft Debugging software


Optional parts(not included)
  • 1x XAircraft GPS+Compass (E1012+E1013)
  • 1x CMGOPRO-TP(For Hero Gopro) or CM130C-TPS(For Card Camera) 2-axis Camera Mount
Items not included but necessary
  • More than 6 channel radio control
  • 3S or 4S/20C/2200~5000mah LI-PO Battery