IV-18 VFD Tube Time Clock (Energy Pillar) - Limited Edition (Discontinued)

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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for specification and documents.

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This IV-18 VFD tubes Clock (Energy Pillar) is a fully assembled and calibrated IV-18 VFD clock. It displays hour, minute, second. 

Eight digits IV-18 (ИВ-18) VFD tubes display is made in USSR(1980-1990).  Although these vintage tubes are still available, the quantities  is very limited in the market. Young generations may have never seen its limpid cyan fluorescence.
VFDs need a voltage of around 40-50 volts to light the multiplexed display. But this product just required 5 volts power supply via the Mini USB cable. And there is a infrared remote controller which give a rich functions. 
This Clock has build-in temperature sensor and light sensor.  It will automatically adjust the brightness of VFD based on the environmental light condition.  It has aluminium alloy shell with anodizing process, Gold Plating PCB which make it a beautiful vintage clock collection.


  • Eight digits IV-18 (ИВ-18) VFD tubes display. (1980-1990 made in USSR).
  • Display hour, minute and second (12 or 24 hours format optional).
  • Display year, month and day and Chinese lunar date (YY-MM-DD or MM-DD-YY.DD-MM-YY.YY-DD-MM format optional).
  • Leader zero ON/OFF function.
  • GPS adjust, automatic adjust date and time in real time. GPS status display (GPS is offered as an option).
  • GMT time zone functions, the clock will calculate the local time base on satellite.
  • Temperature display(℃ or ℉ temperature unit optional).
  • Two alarm clock(set on or off different alarm respectively).
  • Auto date and temperature circulating display. Also can set interval for circulation.
  • Timer function which can supply longest 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • Power on/off timer, also can set the on/off time respectively. You can also check time and date easily after auto power off.
  • 8 levels brightness adjustable, or auto brightness in different environment.
  • Button sound on/off.
  • Auto switch upright and upside-down mode, this function can display the right side based on the position that you put the clock in.
  • IR remote controller operation supplied.
  • With extremely accurate RTC module, accuracy <1 minute in a year.
  • Built-in backup lithium battery, keep time more than 3 years without power supply.


Shipping List

  • IV-18 VFD tubes Clock (Energy Pillar) x1
  • IR remote controller x1
  • Mini USB Cable x1