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Twenty two servos make an awesome clock

DFRobot Jul 04 2013 760

Ebrithil built a servo clock with twenty-two servos in it, and moving time forward with the mechanistic precision only an Arduino project can.


The digits in this clock are constructed like seven-segment displays, only instead of lighting up LEDs, servos turn small bits of paper that are light on one side and dark on the other. Turing the servo 180 degrees changes each segment from one shade to the other, making for an electromechanical seven-segment display.

The servos are controlled by an Arduino Mega connected to a DS1302 real-time clock. One problem Ebrithil had with this project is having the segments rotate slightly every time someone turned on a light attached to the same circuit. He solved this problem by running the circuit off a perpetually charging cell phone battery, allowing him to take this clock on the go without losing time.