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NEWS Maker Carnival

2018 Maker Carnival Shanghai Call For Makers!

DFRobot Aug 30 2018 825

Maker Carnival is a platform created for makers in 2012. The stage is built for various kinds of sharing. 600,000+ audiences & 1,000+ exhibitors in total have come to enjoy the awesome technological and creative feast. 

2018 Maker Carnival Shanghai event will be going on from October 12 to 14 at Knowledge and Innovation Community Square, Yangpu District. The theme for this year is Make A Better World. As always, we have 100+ booths prepared. Here, You not only own a booth but also have the opportunity to address the audience on the Great Maker Stage, as well as talking face to face with professional makers from both home and abroad.

Exhibition Application

Application form link: https://jinshuju.net/f/EoUAjb 

The scope of Exhibition including but not limited to: 

• Individual makers/DIY fans

• Maker space/organization/club

• Interactive art/maker art team

• Varied technological products

• Related maker services (software, network services, etc.)

• Workshop

• Performance

• Large-scale works demo/parade


Certainly, we look forward to your sponsorship. We will work out custom-made return solutions for your support! Become an official sponsor/Undertake the branch site of Maker Carnival please contact: [email protected] 

Now Let’s review together the 2017 gala that makes everybody scream!





--Maker Tour Shanghai--

Let's explore the world of makers & collaborative labs in Shanghai, fostering the exchange of best practices and promoting collaborations to create innovative and positive solutions.

DFRobot HQ

Mushroom Cloud Makerspace

Xinchejian Hacker Space

Fablab Tongji

IMA Media Lab NYU Shanghai 


ESP32 Factory(TBD)





--Intelligent Production--

 Have you ever seen a mobile phone case that can both float and charge? Have you ever seen a robot that can simulate real moves or 3D printing technology that requires no foundation? The Intelligent Production Zone allows you to have access to the cutting-edge and intriguing technologies.




--Black Technology Experience Zone--

 You can find all black technologies here and witness the charm of these technologies in a close range!! Open source hardware, electric skateboard, Qbo aircraft and so on.




 The definition of a maker is not confined to technological innovation. Creation is the nature of all people. Anyone who’s keen on hands-on skills is a maker! Varied DIY experience zones are the “celebrity” on site. 

How about making a unique stool in person? You are the one who will piece it together and complete the drawing. 



--Maker Education--

 Make your first step of maker education to let children accomplish works of “high technological content”, who will be our future scientist with full of potential.



--Maker Forum--

 Every year Maker Forum attracted a great number of Chinese and foreign creative experts to share their stories about maker:

Gareth Richard James, chief education and strategy director of Micro:bit Educational Foundation.

Matthew Belanger, co-founder of Interactive Media Art from NYU Shanghai.

BAO Weiyue, a new media teacher from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Fudan University.

Many more to come this year!



--Technology Competition | Drone Racing Contest--

 X-FLY Drone Racing Contest is held at Maker Carnival Shanghai for the first time. Spectators can experience the flying of the drone in a first person view after wearing FPV glasses.



--Technology Competition | Robot--

 The contest of Robotex China showcases the intense competition between intelligent robots. You can manipulate the robot to fight against your partner. Whoever pushes the other out of the circle is the winner!



--Great Maker Stage--

 A stage that allows exhibitors to communicate with the audience is prepared. So long as you have something to share, you can speak it out on the Great Maker Stage!



--Farmers’ Fair--

 On the Daxue Road branch site is our Farmers’ Fair. Here, a lot of traditional craftsmen and people who pursue a primitive lifestyle gather together. Sugar painting, self-brewed fruit wine, hand-made fruit cards. Everything here is simplistic, simple and pure. 



—MechBattle Fighting Robot Game—

 On the Maker Carnival Stage of this year, You will also have the opportunity to watch MechBattle, one of the most popular fighting robot match for youths and makers in China!


We are all makers devoting to making the world better. 2018 Shanghai Maker Carnival awaits your arrival with its infinite possibilities.