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Remade Magical Sunglasses with Universal PCB

DFRobot Sep 28 2018 670

Under the hot sun, how to stay cool? ---Why not putting on a pair of sunglasses.

Today I will remake a pair of magical sunglasses with universal PCB and LED. Put a pair of shiny sunglasses on, the world will be yours.

  •        LED Lamp Beads   ×12
  •        DIP Switch    ×1
  •        3.7V Mini Lithium Battery  ×1
  •        3D Clip on Glasses  ×1
Universal PCB has relatively large bending angle and is easy to be tailored. I used two layers of universal PCB here to create a sense of hierarchy for my sunglasses. And Foam double-sided adhesive is used to separate them.

Step 1
Print out a picture of sunglasses, put it on the PCB and tailor the PCB according to the shape of the sunglasses.

Solder LED to the circuit boards, stuff the mini lithium battery into the space between the two layers of PCB, and put it in the place of Nose bridge.

Step 3
Mount the glasses clip with torsion spring on your glasses. Now you got a pair of magical sunglasses.

How does it look?

With this sunglasses, you are the shining one even in the dark!