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Arduino Nixie Clock

DFRobot Oct 15 2013 837

One of our friends, Bob, built this beautiful clock, using a nice box from a local store. Thanks, Bob for this amazine project.:) ?

This nixie modules are loved all around the globe due to its vintage old number lights, that reminds the more experiences of young times, and brings something new(but old) to the yonger ones. The effect on this lights at night just renders everyone unable to move away and keep staring at it, and many will even zoom out for a few minutes with its warm fireplace kind of light.

This project is easy to assemble, and the lid was left apart to display a nice wiring and stand offs of the components.



Bob Edmiston is a maker based in Seattle, WA.  He volunteers with https://seattlegreenways.org/ and is part of a small skunkworks team inventing covert Arduino-based DIY bicycle and pedestrian counters for use by volunteers throughout Seattle.

Here how Bob introduce his project?

I basically took the four Nixie modules and the acrylic backing board to make the four module clock. Then, I modified the Nixie Clock sketch to display the time from the Tiny RTC onto the four modules. Then, I refined the timing and cycling of the colors so it is smoother and more subtle. The fine wood box is a second hand Japanese shipping case purchased from a local gift shop for $10. It was empty on a dusty shelf in the warehouse. The coaxial power jack is from Radio Shack. 3M dual lock was used for all the mounting of the components for a clean floating shadowbox look. The Arduino is a SparkFun Redboard, because, well, it's Red and looks great.


Arduino sketch for Download: Nixie clock.ino (Bob, thanks again)

Or you can find the codes here → Github/DFRobot-Nixie-Clock 






List of hardware you will need:

You will probably need some extra wires as well for the power connector to Arduino and Nixie. Note the list provided is not the same a the actual project, since I we do not have much of the details. The box or frame you can use some box you have around home or make your own with some cardboard from a box.