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Patamon evolve...Angemon! Making of Giant Mechanical Wings

DFRobot Dec 04 2018 531

This is the second generation design for  Mechanical wing basing on the first generation made by Alexis Lincicome.

Maker: Sumu, Zimu

Time consumption: 4 months, 150 working hours

List of materials:

  • 2000 pieces of feathers—purchased according to personal preference
  • Electric iron
  • Bolt and nut bearing -m3
  • Aluminum strip – 8 meters
  • Electric drive pusher 12v, stroke 2cm
  • Iron wire- 10 m
  • Nylon rope, plain white cloth, white glue, 502 glue

Making procedure:

Draw the design layout of wing

Cut the aluminum alloy backing plate with laser and drill holes on the backboard

Assemble the electric drive pusher and backboard, and adjust the bracket angle

Cut the iron wire

Cut the cloth strip

Bond the iron wire and the cloth strip with the glue, and iron it with the electric iron to expedite the process.

Cut the cloth strip into the long feather shape with the cloth strip

Cut a piece of backing fabric

Sew the feather on the backing fabric layer by layer

Assemble the long feather on the bracket and adjust the angle

Pull the wing with the rope to reflect the stretched and recovered forms, and carry out final commissioning

Assemble the feather, weld the switch of electric drive pusher

Install the lithium battery

Initial it