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NEWS Maker Carnival

Report from Maker Faire Bay Area ?

DFRobot Jun 06 2013 300

The Maker Faire in San Francisco this year has attracted more than 12 million participants. Named as "The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth”, the faire has aroused as usual a great variety of makers, tinkers and enthusiasts, who demonstrated us how astonishing when imagination and creativity clash. It’s always glad to see booths that are accessible to children with hands-on workshops: soldering, sewing, painting, gardening, crafting, etc. When there is a will, there is a workshop. The place where you can learn to unlock without keys.


Sewing workshops.
Soldering workshops.


Popup your ideas upon the wall.


The Metamorphosis Installation by Alex Andre is a circular portal with a spinning semi-reflective disk through which participants face each other to create ever-changing combinations or self images in real time. 
Tesla Coil.


When Coke encounters Mentos.


Wearable technology.


A mini submarine called OpenROV: an open-source, battery-powered underwater robot. OpenROV is designed to facilitate amateur needs of underwater exploration, with almost omnipotent reaching capability. Its applications includes underwater detection, search and rescue and education. 
ShopBot, a machine used to carve wood.


Make Faire perhaps also exhibits a collection of all sorts of wild and bizarre wheeled things you could imagine. A seafood skinned car, fish and lobster singing happily when traveling.


Four wheeled "carriage."


USS “Nautilus” with diesel engines.


Pedal powered live concert.


Huge metal tree.


Moments spent in walking in the midst of the crowd and visiting strange works are never too long. I couldn’t wait to start cooking my own things! It’s time to say a short goodbye to Maker Faire Bay Area, and we are looking forward to meeting you in September in NY. Brought to you by DFRobot.