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Heart-shaped Electronics Project

DFRobot Jun 26 2013 546


A guy named Blake got the idea of making some sort of gift thing for his girlfriend, SpiritSai, round the time before valentines day, and since he was just starting to transition into designing circuit boards and stuff, he figured he would make her something she could hold. Thus, this project began.

The project started as a simple scrolling message pendant. Something along these lines. His very small LED module was being driven by an ATtiny85. He planned to run it from battery which is a perfect excuse to learn how to use the sleep functions built into the chip.

The initial design worked so well he decided to lay out his own circuit board. This made it quite simple to add in a side-positioned button to wake from sleep, and a coin cell battery holder on the back. He used OSH Park for board manufacturing — good thing they allow creative board outlines. To protect the circuitry he also ordered laser-cut acrylic plates that work in conjunction with stand offs to form a case.

Here’s a video of how it work?