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How to Make a Matrix Watch by LED RGB Panel

DFRobot Jun 11 2019 365

Do you still remember the Clock on the Window that I made? At this time, I make a simple but special watch with same style. And below is the tutorial to make this Matrix Watch.

This Gravity: I2C 8x16 RGB LED Matrix Panel developed by DFRobot is the leading role. Usually, we use it as the face of robot and cars. It can show 7 colors, contains red, green, yellow, blue, purple, blue-green and white. And there are 23 different phiz. Of course, you can also diy other expressions.

The first time I lighted it up, its beauty and clarity captured my heart, totally. Take a close look, it reminds me of Orion Horsehead Nebula. Immediately, I decided to use this board to make a watch. I am pretty sure that it will make me happy once I can see it. 

When designing its surface, taking advantage of its multi-colors, I want to show candy colors.

1.Design Idea

We all know beauties cost more, so does our beautiful displays. It consumes more power to present a wonderful show. While the small wearable device cannot power by large battery, so the battery power consumption is an unavoidable problem. Well, I just thought about taking advantage of touch sensor to wake up the watch screen. For main board, I select pro mini for its small size and multiple pins which can totally handle this task.

When the watch wearing in hand, it stays in low power consumption mode, sleep. Once the touch sensor is touched by hand, the whole device will be awake via interrupt and show time. Here I add a wireless charging module. In sleep mode, once the interrupt is triggered by hand touch, the watch will show charging cartoon. See, looks cool!

Material in Need

1.Gravity: I2C 8x16 RGB LED Matrix Panel x1
2.Gravity: Digital Capacitive Touch Sensor for Arduino x1
3.Wireless Charging Module 5V/300mA x1
4.DFRduino Pro Mini V1.3(8M3.3V328) x1
5.Gravity: I2C 3.7V Li Battery Fuel Gauge x1
6.DS3231 Clock Module x1
7.3.7v Lithium Battery Charging Board x1
8.3.7v Lithium Battery(30mah) x1
9.Micro USB Transfer Board x1
10.Dial Switch x1
11.FTDI Basic Breakout 3.3/5V (Arduino Compatible) x1
12.3.5mm-4mm Self-tapping Screw x4
13.3mm Screw and Screw Nut x2
14.The Smallest Screw that I can find x1

3.According to the connection diagram, here we go to soldering

4.Assembly as follows

And we get this staff

That’s all about how to make a matrix watch, thanks for your reading.