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2019 Maker Carnival Shanghai Call For Makers !

DFRobot Jul 26 2019 418

2019 Maker Carnival in Shanghai!
We are waiting for you at Jiangwan Stadium in October
Click Here to Join us!

Maker Carnival

We are going to discuss 5G, pilot garbage sorting and experiencing AI in 2019All these hot topics will be carried out in the form of creation in a few months and will be recorded together in the history of an old architecture for more than 80 years.

Main Gate of Jiangwan Stadium

Back in 1933, famous architect Dong Dayou began to design the Jiangwan Stadium, which was then positioned as the "Shanghai Stadium" driven by the "Great Shanghai Plan". Two years later, the 300-acre grand building with 40,000 seats in the main stand was officially put into use, which was then called the “First Stadium in the Far East”. According to the Shanghai Almanac of 1936, "Jiangwan Stadium is a great building with a vast scope. Its position in the stadium is unparalleled in the Far East at present."
Photos of old Jiangwan Stadium

Shanghai Municipal People's Government allocated funds for the comprehensive renovation of the stadium after the war after liberation. Chen Yi, the first mayor of Shanghai, wrote eight big words in his own hand, "上海市江湾体育场" (Shanghai Jiangwan Stadium), engraved above the main entrance of the West Rostrum.
Chen Yi inscribed "上海市江湾体育场" (Shanghai Jiangwan Stadium) in 1954.

The National Games of the People's Republic of China were held outside Beijing for the first time, and Shanghai was chosen historically in 1983. Jiangwan Stadium witnessed the Shanghai Football Team passing through the barrier and winning the championship relied on penalty shootout victory over Guangdong Team. Jiangwan Stadium has become a holy place in the hearts of Shanghai fans.
Panorama of Jiangwan Stadium at the Fifth National Games

In the past decades, Jiangwan Stadium has witnessed the vicissitudes of the city and experienced the ups and downs of Shanghai Sports. Now, this old architect in its infancy will be endowed new significance.Just now, we finally confirmed that Jiangwan Stadium will hold China's largest annual Maker party in October this year: Maker Carnival in Shanghai in 2019! Now, the exhibitor registration of Shanghai Maker Carnival will be fully opened! What kind of chemical reaction will occur when the old buildings in memory are injected into the most dynamic new culture?What kind of new history will be created when 100,000 people gather to explore the new trend of the times in the way of creation?How will Chinese Maker fans enthusiasts work together to safeguard the Maker culture when the biggest overseas Maker activities encounter crisis? 

Maker Carnival Shanghai in 2018

Now, the exhibitor registration of Shanghai Maker Carnival will be fully opened! 

Here, you can:

Display the Maker's work, replace it, and even sell it.

Organize Workshop Teaching to bring audience participation, experience and learning:

Talk face to face with professional makers from both home and abroad and create together:

Speech on the stage about Maker, creations or product projects to share the joy of creation.

You may, including but not limited to:

Individual Makers/ DIY fans

Maker space/ organization/club

Varied technological products

Related maker services (Software, net work service etc) 



Large-scale works demo/parade

A new history will continue in Jiangwan Stadium.
Let’s together, make a better world, this October.

(The information and photos of Jiangwan Stadium are integrated from Liberation Daily and Xinmin Evening News, some of which are from the Internet.)