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How to DIY Pokédex work?

DFRobot Aug 15 2019 746


(Project Contribution, this project copied from hackaday.io)

Zach, Maureen and I are Pokémon super fans since we were young. Last month, an idea rushed on us, why there’s no one trying to make a Pokédex in real life ever? We wanna do this!Then, I found HuskyLens on Kickstarter, it is really shocked me! And I wrote an E-mail to DFRobot and told the project in my mind immediately, shocked me again.. I got the chance to make this DIY Pokédex with HuskyLens.

What you need:

Corrugated paper

Pencil, scissors& marker pen.

HuskyLens by DFRobot: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1371216747/huskylens-an-ai-camera-click-learn-and-play?ref=919upi


HuskyLens x1

(So grateful for DFRobot support me with their new AI camera HuskyLens. This is a very easy to use AI vision sensor, all you need to do is just click the button and do machine learning.)