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Make an AI car: HUSKYLENS and micro: Maqueen

DFRobot Mar 16 2020 1916

HUSKYLENS (AI Vision Sensor) to micro: Maqueen V4.0 to make an AI car. The general overview of HUSKYLENS is introduced in " AI Camera with Kendryte K210——HUSKYLENS".

 13-4-1.Make an AI car with HUSKYLENS and micro: Maqueen V4.0 

HUSKYLENS has a UART / I2C port as an interface for connecting to the outside, so it can be connected to small computers such as micro: bit, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. Since the size and coordinates of the recognized target can be acquired in real time, it is possible to develop an autonomous robot car and an interactive application that responds to faces and gestures.

HuskyLens can connect to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LattePanda, or micro:bit

   Connection with micro: bit

HUSKYLENS comes with a 4-color cable called "Gravity 4-pin sensor cable", but it cannot be connected to a micro: bit as it is because the connector shape is different. Also, since micro: bit peripheral devices consume relatively high power, stable power supply to HUSKYLENS is required. If the power becomes insufficient, HUSKYLENS will behave unstablely, such as restarting repeatedly.

The solution to these problems is a board called an “extension board” that is used by attaching it to a micro: bit. The expansion board has functions such as an interface that can be connected to various peripheral devices, a power supply that can supply stable power, and an LED and buzzer. However, the type and number of installed interfaces and functions vary depending on the selected expansion board.

   Combination with micro: Maqueen V4.0

Sanuki Technet tried several boards looking for a combination of HUSKYLENS stable operations and found that the collaboration on the micro: Queen V4.0 power management module mount was excellent.

Picture 13-4-1-1.AI car using HUSKYLENS (front side) 

micro:Maqueen V4.0 is a two-wheeled programming robot with an interface like an extension board that allows you to connect a 4huskylens cable to a 4.4 tweezers cable that is bundled with Huskylens. In addition, you can use a bracket bundled with the Husky Lens, which is relatively easy to install.

 Picture 13-4-1-2.AI car using HUSKYLENS(back side)

   The birth of AI car

By combining HUSKYLENS with micro: Maqueen V4.0, you can build a two-wheeled Chevrolet sedan with an AI Vision Sensor with relative ease. Sure, the action needs to be programmed, but it looks like you can enjoy developing driverless AI cars using the six Ai Algorithms on Huskylens.

13-4-2.Things to prepare

   HUSKYLENS & bundled items

HUSKYLENS is the eye of the AI ​​car. HUSKYLENS is introduced in detail in " AI Camera with Kendryte K210——HUSKYLENS(AI Vision Sensor) ".

 Picture 13-4-2-1.HUSKYLENS 

HUSKYLENS include two types of brackets, Gravity 4-pin sensor cables, and M3 screws (four).

 Picture 13-4-2-2. Bundle items of HUSKYLENS 

   Silicone case for HUSKYLENS

The silicone case to protect the Huskylens, which can reduce the impact of a fall or crash while the AI is driving, and the risk of damage to the Huskylens. The case shape is a dog with triangular ears.

 Picture 13-4-2-3.Silicone case for HUSKYLENS 

   micro:Maqueen V4.0 & micro:bit

micro: Maqueen V4.0 is a programming car for STEM education with two independent driving wheels. Equipped with a micro: bit, you can control driving wheels, etc. by programming. It has an ultrasonic sensor, but it is not used for AI cars. Also, replace the battery box with a power management module (lithium-ion battery holder) described later.

 Picture 13-4-2-4.micro:Maqueen V4.0 &micro:bit 

   Power Management Module for micro:Maqueen V4.0

Power management module (lithium-ion battery holder) for micro: Maqueen V4.0. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery charging function. Replace with the battery box of micro: Maqueen V4.0.
 Picture 13-4-2-5.Power Management Module for micro:Maqueen V4.0 

   Hexagon spacers(M3)

M3 size hexagon spacers (2 pieces). Connect the HUSKYLENS bracket to micro: Maqueen V4.0. Prepare a length of about 10mm to 30mm. The figure below is for 15mm.
 Picture 13-4-2-6.Hexagon spacers(M3)

13-4-3.Install the micro:Maqueen V4.0 

   Install the power management module

Remove the battery box of micro: Maqueen V4.0 and attach the power management module (lithium ion battery holder).

 Picture 13-4-3-1.Installing the power management module(1)

Attach the supplied hexagonal spacers (four) to the power management module. Once you remove the tires, it becomes easier to install them.
 Picture13-4-3-2.Installing the power management module(2)

Insert the attached lead wire into the socket marked "3.5-5.0V".
 Picture13-4-3-3.Installing the power management module(3)

Attach the power management module with the four screws provided.
 Picture 13-4-3-4.Installing the power management module(4)

Insert the leads into the power management module socket.
 Pictture 13-4-3-5.Installing the power management module(5)

   Remove the ultrasonic sensor

micro: Maqueen V4.0 comes with an ultrasonic sensor as standard.
 Picture13-4-3-6.Removal of ultrasonic sensor(1)

The AI ​​car does not use the ultrasonic sensor, so remove it.

 Picture13-4-3-7.Removal of ultrasonic sensor(2)

   Attaching Gravity 4-pin sensor cable (micro: Maqueen V4.0 side)

Plug the Gravity 4-pin sensor cable included with HUSKYLENS into the I2C connector of micro: Maqueen V4.0. 4-pin connector marked "IIC" on the board. Insert "Red / Black / Blue / Green" of Gravity 4-pin sensor cable as shown below. The pin assignment is "+--SCL-SDA".

 Picture 13-4-3-8.Attaching Gravity 4-pin sensor cable (micro: Maqueen V4.0 side

   Installation of HUSKYLENS

Attach HUSKYLENS to the screws (2 places) fixing the auxiliary wheels (front wheels) of micro: Maqueen V4.0.

 Picture 13-4-3-9.Installation of HUSKYLENS(1)

First, remove one screw and attach the hexagonal spacer. Be sure not to lose the removed screws, as they will be used later.

 Picture13-4-3-10.Installation of HUSKYLENS(2)

Remove the other screw and attach the hexagon spacer. The screw will be used later.

 Picture 13-4-3-11.Installation of HUSKYLENS(3)

Attach the height adjustment bracket included with HUSKYLENS to the hexagonal spacer using 2 screws removed earlier.

 Picture 13-4-3-12.Installation of HUSKYLENS(4)

Prepare HUSKYLENS, small brackets, and 2 screws.
 Picture13-4-3-13.Installation of HUSKYLENS(5)

Secure the small bracket to HUSKYLENS with two screws. 
 Picture  13-4-3-14.Installation of HUSKYLENS(6)

Secure the small bracket attached to HUSKYLENS and the height adjustment bracket using two screws.

 Picture13-4-3-15.Installation of HUSKYLENS(7)

    Attaching Gravity 4-pin sensor cable (HUSKYLENS side)

Plug the other end of the Gravity 4-pin sensor cable into the HUSKYLENS interface connector.

 Picture13-4-3-16. Attaching Gravity 4-pin sensor cable (HUSKYLENS side

   Installing micro: bit

Attach the micro: bit to micro: Maqueen v4.0.

 Picture 13-4-3-17.AI car using HUSKYLENS (front

Back side
 Picture13-4-3-18. AI car using HUSKYLENS(Back side)

Let's attach the silicon case for HUSKYLENS.

 Picture13-4-3-18. AI car using HUSKYLENS(Back side)