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Track Your Facebook Likes with Arduino

DFRobot Apr 11 2013 366

We’ll introduce an interesting project using an Arduino Uno equipped with an Ethernet Shield and an LCD Keypad shield which can track your Facebook likes. Kedume demonstrates how to create a simple text display for the number of likes on any Facebook page.

This is a great project for an Arduino beginner because all you need to do is stack the Ethernet and LCD shields onto the Arduino, connect the cables, and customize the code to point to any Facebook page you want to monitor. And after you’ve uploaded the code, you’ll have a dedicated display to monitor your companybandclub’s popularity on Facebook. This is a simple gadget, nothing more than a small device that will keep you updated on the number of likes on your facebook page. This are the instructions for mounting a basic model that can be used as a desktop gadget or as a inshop gadget (in a visible place for your customers to know that you have a presence on Facebook). Or what you go through your head.

The project is designed to not have to practice any soldering and simplify the assembly, but need to buy 3 components and 2 cables to do it.

You will need:
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield.  It's a shield (some sort of shell) that is added to the base board so you can connect to an ethernet port (and thus internet).
  • Arduino LCD Keypad Shield.  It's a shield that can be added to the previous two in order to have a display that shows data (in this case the number of fans of the facebook page).
  • Cable USB.  one end has standard USB connection and the other has a square connector USB (it's the typical cable to connect a computer to a printer).
  • Cable RJ45. It's a standard for network connection.