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Give Your Arduino Project It’s Own Mini-Webserver, With An Ethernet Shield

DFRobot Apr 09 2013 427

James Bruce showed us how to set up an Arduino as a basic webserver so we can host our own device control website. 


You will need:

  • An Arduino
  • Ethernet Shield – make sure you get a version that matches your Arduino as they aren’t all compatible
  • Spare port on your router or switch, and Ethernet cable
  • The WebServer example provided in the Arduino application


First, you have to set up – open up the File-Examples-Ethernet-WebServer that’s provided within the Arduino IDE. Find the lines referring MAC and IP address. Next up is the IP address. We want a specific fixed address so we can setup port forwarding properly – the shield is capable of getting an address from DHCP, but that’s only useful if it’s merely going to be used as a client, not a server. Fill in an IP address that’s unused and memorable on your local network, your router IP, and (the subnet). For next step or more information, you can go to MakeUseOf