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2021 DFRobot Halloween Party! Sales and Projects

DFRobot Oct 22 2021 528


  EVENT 1. HALLOWEEN SALE (10.25~11.1)     


From 25th Oct-1st Nov, 30 products on special sales! (LEDs, Arduino boards and interactive sensors) 
These products are frequently used in Halloween projects, and we hope they can help you complete your amazing idea! 
Special Deal is Limited to 2 Item Per Order

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  EVENT 2. Sharing Your Finding or DIY, Get Coupon!   



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From 28th October to 1st November, 5 steps to get a coupon!

1. Follow us @dfrobot_official on twitter.

2. Post your Halloween Project on twitter.

3. Hashtag #halloweenwithdfrobot.

4. Tag @dfrobot_official.

5. Then we will send a $5 coupon to your DFRobot account (minimum payment: $50)







Any idea about the Halloween party? Let's inspire you!

Click here to check the recommended projects.



  EVENT 4. New Member Coupons  


New Customers who complete the information will get coupons, worth $33 in total.

The coupons for new customers (only available for registered customers, those who checkout through Paypal Express Checkout have to login first).


Note: LattePanda Boards /Raspberry Pi boards /micro:bit Boards /micro: Maqueen /PCB /RPLIDAR /NVIDIA / Sony /Maix / RPLIDAR /ToF products are not available to apply.

Validity: 30 days

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  EVENT 5. Regular Customer Benefits   



DFRobot Members (regular customers) can enjoy many benefits:

VIP Discount (Up to 15% off)

Free VIP Shipping Coupons

Freight Vouchers

Exclusive Customer Service

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  EVENT 6. New Member Coupons  


World Wide Free Shipping on orders over $150.
** Orders over 2KG or orders from countries in  Zone 9 are not eligible for free shipping.

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