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Arduino Power Outlet with Exposed Pins

DFRobot Aug 20 2014 559


I found my self often trying to plug stuff at home with Arduino. So I thought it would be good to have a system that you can just plug your sensor, plug the appliance and code something to see how it goes. I never liked breaking apart an appliance to find the right spot on the electronics, or peel off the wire.

What do you need? A common plug, for example think of a lamp, then you plug it on the wall wart, so how do we get Arduino into the pot? Cutting the wire has being always an option, but then if you want to re use the hardware for something else, the wire would be broken. However sometimes is not an option, the appliance wire can’t be cut. So we interact with the plug. But this is dangerous, so… better not do it. Alternatives? Lets box it all up, the high power and electronics. Using a outlet big enough, lets you put the electronics inside the box and avoid exposing all the high power wires that usually are not coated or protected inside these boxes.

This is plug system with an integrated power supply and an Arduino. Will let you test your coding skills and tests sensors on different scenarios on the go just losing some plugs from the outlet.

The list

  • Outlet 6 connectors 10$
  • Arduino Leonardo with Xbee socket 20$
  • Extension shield 14$
  • Power supply for Arduino 5$
  • 2 Relays 5$
  • Soldering tools and extra wire borrow it

54$ for a reusable smart Arduino plug. And this is how it looked like before, when it was broken.

More detailed tutorial, please visit Instructables Page