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Join the Maker 3D Printing Challenge!

DFRobot Oct 09 2014 226

Makers and DIYers are suddenly among the sexiest amateurs online. Everyone's building, creating, constructing - it seems that surfing (the most hipster hobby available), has now been replaced. What gave the Makers Movement such a powerful boost that it went from geeky to cool? We’ll take a wild guess and say that (among other things) it’s definitely 3D printing.

Makers are dedicated to building useful, sustainable products using the collective knowledge, since designs are often open source, allowing others to contribute. We have noticed the surging interest in the Makers Movement among 3D designers and thought it’s the right time to tap into this fast-growing industry. We’re fascinated to see what constructions and creations you will submit to the Makers Challenge, because we (like yourselves) believe that if you can think it, you can print it. It’s all about finding the right angle.

So what will be considerate suitable? Anything that involves engineering, building, creating, constructing, has that crazy vibe of invention and innovation and consists of at least three components. Makers want to earn money while changing the world and the society for the better, keep that in mind when you’re fiddling with your new projects. And while you're at it, think about your design from a journalist's perspective - would it make a cover story of an ordinary man, who has devised an extraordinary product? Excellent.

There are two categories of awards in this challenge. Each of them will have one winner and two runner-ups. As a proud sponsor of "the best 3D Maker/Model" of this challenge, DFRobot is more than happy to provide 3D printer as the prize for the winner. The award will be given for the best 3D printable Makers/ DYI model uploaded during the challenge period. The deadline is: 2014-12-01 15:59:59 PST, so hurry up!

Click here to enter the Maker 3D Printing Challenge.