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Controlling Robot with Cell Phone. Part One

DFRobot Aug 22 2012 228


Controlling Robot with Cell Phone. Part One


This tutorial, we will show how to use Strings with the Arduino. A String is a char array terminated by the null char (0x00, or ). You can define a String as a char array and can use many functions straight on it. The string library define a class, that can also be used for comparing 2 strings,

like this example:String sentence = "Hello World"; String str;char c; char matrix[20]; int x=0; void setup(){     Serial.begin(9600); } void loop(){     if(Serial.available()){       do{        c=Serial.read();        matrix[x]=c;        Serial.print(matrix[x],DEC);        x++;        delay(1); //some delay      }while(c!=' ');         matrix[x-1]='';         Serial.print(matrix);         str=matrix;         if (str==sentence){            Serial.println("OK");         } else {            Serial.println("Error");         }      } } On this sample, we defined a temporary array to store the characters before sending it to a string variable (str). Then, we could compare it with our desired sentence (Hello Word) using the = sign. Also, this program outputs the ascii values before sending back the received data:




Source    Garagelab