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New Air Quality Monitor is on the way!

DFRobot Jun 25 2014 555

It all started in this morning when I received a new air quality monitor from our engineers, and it looked like this:

New Air Quality Monitor is on the way!

Then I made a very quick comparison with the SHARP GP2Y1010F35 Dust Sensor. Yes, this new guy definitely looks quite bulky and primitive. In its back I found a 5V fan with motor - is it for ventilation purpose? So I began checking its datasheet and tech specs. Looks like I was wrong about it. This air quality monitor will automatically filter out anythings that is bigger than PM2.5 ug/m3, and inspect only the data of PM2.5 ug/m3 before processing. It demonstrated higher accuracy in a
timely manner. I am enlisting some of its datasheets below for better understanding.

Above graph (1) shows inspection carried on PM2.5 particles, the blue curve is the inspection data. The black curve indicates the number of PM2.5 particles.

Graph (2) above shows an inspection on PM5 particles. Since the particles are larger than PM2.5, you can see with the blue curve that data of bigger particles is eliminated. Next thing I did was connecting it with an Arduino and LCD - which I think you'll do the same subconsciously. After some wirings, I began walking around in the office with this AQ monitor. Umm, looks like we've got a nice condition here :)

Suddenly I came across this sign...An idea emerged.

That's what you call dreadful... SMOKING IS HARMFUL TO HEALTH.

That's it and thanks for your attention. I believe it won't take long for this new Air Quality Monitor  be available at our online store, so for better living and happy making, stay tuned!