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Hexapod from 3D printer

DFRobot Nov 26 2012 353

Author? JAY YU?

I have created this hexapod from 3D printer.The design is easy because I am not so good at adjust the printer's setting for complex models.

In my case, I am using arduino based board "ExtraCore", 32 Channel servo controller, 6V UBEC regulator, 18 9G servos, 2S LIPO battery and XBee module.Other than all electronic parts(You might pick other different device), you also need 70+ M2 self tapping screws for servo horns and these brackets. The tricky part might be the leg that you will need to drill holes to match servo horns or arms. I have attached an image for example. You might came up better design ;)


Hexapod from 3D printer

This is the short video: