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Android Projector as a Light Bulb

DFRobot Mar 04 2015 206
Everyone wants a projector until they realise how expensive, large and awkward they are. Forget wireless media streaming. ‘Beam’ has recognised this and have developed a sleek device suitable for the modern home.

Beam is a computer coupled with a projector and screws into standard light bulb sockets. The design is modest and versatile. Anywhere a light bulb can go it can go.

Because Beam runs Android, owners have access to every app they use on their mobiles. Watching movies, viewing photos, checking Facebook are all possible.

The projector can even be programmed to do certain tasks using the popular ‘If This Then That’ format. Things like showing the weather at a certain point of the day, playing music when you wake up.

Crowd funding on KickStarter Beam is aiming to raise $200,000 to produce the all-in-one device. You can get your hands on one for $349 if you’re quick.