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Ro-Bow Is a Violin-Playing Robot That Actually Sounds Pretty Good

DFRobot Mar 11 2015 307

Described as a kinetic sculpture, Ro-Bow (as the name suggests) is a violin-playing robot that uses electromagnetic actuators to play digital files. Yeah, it won't be the first chair at the London Philharmonic any time soon, but its pretty amazing to watch all the machine's parts work in unison to produce some pretty decent tunes.

The art project was created by Seth Goldstein, a retired biomedical engineer who's made a few fascinating robo-creations, including a huge machine dedicated to only tying knots. The New York Times recently published an wonderful profile about the man, and also highlighted Ro-Bow, Goldstein's latest creation. Read the full NYT article, and check out Ro-Bow in action below.

I think we can all agree, this machine is really just the great-great-great-great-great robo grandfather of this guy right here: