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The future of street football

DFRobot May 04 2015 283
Technology, visual art and football combine in a new global campaign for Pepsi MAX ‘Genius’

Pepsi MAX has combined football, technology and community experience to create 'Genius', their first global brand campaign. The ad shows a group of local footballers in Barcelona playing football on a technologically enhanced pitch, offering a glimpse of the future of football. Using over 30,000 reactive LED’s, high-powered projectors and a couple of drones, a seemingly run of the mill game of football is propelled into the future.

A flying drone delivers a fluro coloured football onto a pitch with luminous lines projected onto the field. The game is then enhanced by reactive LED’s lighting the surrounding environment while yellow cards are dished out by the remote controlled drone referee! The use of technology to enhance football both as a sport and as a shared community experience was discussed in our football forum round up.

Drone football is an excellent example of how brands are using engaging and creative visuals in tandem with team sports to create socially led and community driven experiences. The project is similar to the House of Mamba campaign where Nike employed digital visuals, this time in a basketball court to engage with a potentially digitally minded audience.