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Exquisite Laser Cut Pachinko Game Does More than You Think

DFRobot Jun 23 2015 366

Lurid in appearance the typical Pachinko machine is designed to hook and stimulate. Typical then this is not. The Pa-Drink-O was designed and built by Instructable Content Creator/ Maker DJ Harrigan. Its purpose to nurture the soul rather than entrap it.

The arcade game is based on the Japanese version of slot machines which requires the user to guide ball bearings through a series of obstacles. However in place of a cash reward is one of refreshment; a cocktail made by the machine, pumped straight into a glass from bottles inside.
The machine was made from scratch using an Intel Edison and Arduino breakout board. The casing was 3D designed in Autodesk’s Fusion 360 and laser cut in plywood.

"The player has sixty seconds to score as many points as possible by tilting the aim disk with the arcade joystick. The game does not dispense balls automatically so it's up to the player to release them by pressing the arcade button. The Edison is constantly polling the sensors to detect if a ball falls through and updates the score depending on the target through which the ball passes. The player can release as many balls as possible within sixty seconds to increase the score, but once the timer runs down, the controls become inactive."

The plans to build this outstanding piece of machinery are all on Instructables.