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MultiTasking Robot with Devastator Platform

DFRobot Jul 28 2015 1743

Project by Dim Sheldon also on Instructables.

Basically, this robot is controlled over bluetooth, doing some tasks based on the command; Manual control (RC Mode), Autonomous (Obstacle avoider Mode), and shows a text on LCD, also control the Robot's speed.


Step 1: Parts Needed

You will need:

1. Arduino Uno

2. Motor Driver (I'm using L298P Motor Driver from DFRobot)

3. Ultrasonic Sensors HC-SR04 x3

4. HC-05 Bluetooth module

5. 16x2 LCD with I2C

6. Jumper Wires

7. Mini-Breadboard

8. 9V Battery for Arduino, 7.5-12 V battery pack for Motors (custom)

9. Robot chassis (I'm using DFRobot Devastator Tank Robot mobile platform)

10. Soldering tools

11. Any tools that may help you work easily

12. Creativity


Step 2: Modifying Some Parts

Here, you will need to modify some parts, the HC-05 bluetooth module and the LCD. You have to make a voltage divider for the bluetooth module and adding an I2C module to the LCD (so you'll need less wires by using the I2C).

Step 3: Build it..

Just attach your arduino n every parts in their proper place, based on your creativity. You can arrange the wires so it looks neat.

Step 4: Wiring Diagram & Programming

Follow this Wiring diagram to connecting the parts. You can see the code for more clear instructions. After finished the wiring process, upload the codes into your arduino. Make sure you have release the HC-05 RX TX pins from the Arduino pins before uploading the codes.  

Step 5: Play with Your Robot!

To control your Robot on PC, you have to use TeraTerm software. Click this to dwnload the software>> TeraTerm.

If you want to control your robot on your Android Phone, get this app Arduino Bluetooth Controller.

You need to pair your HC-05 with your device first. When it is asking for passcode, enter 1234 (default HC-05's passcode).


If you're using TeraTerm: open the software, click 'Serial', choose your bluetooth port, play.

If you're using Android Phone, open the app, Proceed, choose HC-05, Open the Controller Mode, setup your controller key (Set Commands), play. You can also use the Vehicle mode, just adjust the controller key.

The key controller are: (lower case)

w : Move Forward

a: go Left

s: Move Backward

d: go Right

q: Stop

e: decrease speed

r: increase speed



1: Obstacle Avoider Mode

2: Showing the text on LCD

0: Clear n turn off the LCD backlight

You can modify the codes for another task/commands. Ok, done. Hope you could make it!