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Help us Improve WhenDo, A Call for Alpha Testers!

DFRobot Aug 12 2015 306


As you may have noticed, we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign recently to help build robotic toy for kids, it’s called Vortex. Vortex began as an experiment in re-thinking the way we create digital toys. Working with our community, we created a prototype that has never been seen before in the market: Vortex combines the smart and friendliness of Arduino while allowing kids to play and create without limitations. It’s designed to be fun and creative, with no caps on usage. With the support of hundreds of backers and thousands of kind users, we’re thrilled to keep working hard to make it even better.


Earlier this summer, we released the beta version of WhenDo that enhances the overall user experience for Vortex – with graphic interface and function module set that makes programming never so easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re an early technology adopter or an everyday dabbler, WhenDo will just work with Vortex!


Designed by makers, and for makers, WhenDo is a comprehensive graphical programming developing tool based on Arduino. WhenDo is the most sufficient way to learn about Arduino and every basic programming logic. WhenDo comes compatible with all Arduino MCUs that have Bluetooth 4.0 capability.


-    Graphical Programming
In this graphical programming language, users just need to drag condition and execute blocks and freely combine them. This development tool applies many interesting functions that the Arduino can accomplish in WhenDo.

-    Clear and Meticulous Logic 
Each valid sentence involves three elements: When block (condition setting), Centre Node (combine When & Do block) and Do block (execute setting). Besides, the whole interactive User Interference environment is a big loop, which repeatedly run the program statements.

-    Cloud Server Compile
Excellent file transfer and compile based on Ubuntu server.
Remote access to various libraries to improve its capability. 

-    BLE Download
Wireless download the program through Bluetooth 4.0 Arduino devices.

So today, we’re putting out a call for alpha testers to give early app a spin and help us refine the program. It’s a new approach to testing for the DFRobot team, and the goal is to hear more from our users directly and ensure that we’re meeting your needs.

Some features may be experimental and won’t make the final cut. Thanks to those who participate in this program and to everyone who’s active around this. Once you are enrolled as an Alpha tester, you'll recieve a full tester kit for free along with support from our staff. This is a great chance to get both the app and the Vortex robot running even before mass production begins!

contact us via [email protected]

Happy Testing
-DFRobot Team