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Romeo BLE mini Free trial

DFRobot Aug 19 2015 204

Free Trial

New activity from DFRobot
Every month,  DFRobot will choose a new product presenting  to our customers before it officially sells on our online store.
Here comes the season 1: Romeo BLE Mini.

The lucky one  and  the first tester of the product, should be YOU! 

Time of Application: 
19, Aug,2015 —— 26, Aug, 2015

Winners will be announced at:
27, Aug, 2015 on DFRobot Facebook Page

Introduction of the Product: 
Romeo BLE mini is the first DFRobot compact size Romeo mainboard that integrates 2 way DC motor driver and BLE 4.0 wireless technology. Its mini size perfectly matches small-sized robot. Besides, it supports wireless programming and allows wireless control from your phone and tablet.  Moreover, since Romeo BLE mimi is compatible with Arduino development environment, you do not need to be think about coding anymore.


BLE chip: TI CC2540
Transmission Range: 60m (Open field)
Microcontroller: ATmega328P
Builtin Bootloader: Arduino UNO
Digital I/O pins: 8 channel (PWM: D10;D11)
Analog I/O pins: 4 channel
IIC/I2C: 1 channel
Motor driver: 2 way 1.5A motor driver
Dimension: 45x38.5mm

Support wireless programming;USB programming; Bluetooth HID; AT configuration; serial transparent transmission; master-slave machine switch ; automatic power switchover.

How to Participate: 
1.    Share the post # FreeTrail on our Facebook Page between 19/08/2015-26/08/2015
2.    After sharing the post, we’ll write your name on a card and then keep it in the Box.

3.    On 25/08/2015, Lucky Fairy will take out 10 name cards randomly. Those who on name card are kissed by fortune.
4.    Winners will be announced at 27, Aug, 2015 on DFRobot Facebook Page. 
The winner(s) will be notified by e-mail within seven (7) days of selection.  
6.    After testing Romeo BLE mini, please write a trial report. You can even post this report on any of the website you want and send the link to DFRobot.

Please note that expenses related with shipping, insurance and customs duty are to be covered by the winner. DFRobot is not responsible for any expense other than the prize.