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Free Trial Results (Bluno M3+Expansion Shield)

DFRobot Jan 25 2016 201

Dear friends: Winners of this time's Free Trial released. Please check your mailbox and confirm your address with us. Keep making! It's the time to give a big congratulation for those who have won the free trial of Bluno M3 + Expansion Shield. They are:

  1. D**** R**nolds e*r*htorey*@gmail.com
  2. G***d Mun*ch unf*rg*ven5*[email protected]
  3. P*tr**e Valentin pet**che*alen***[email protected]
  4. A**o M*ha**d a**o.m*med.*[email protected]
  5. J***S MA**EL j*ma**[email protected]

Thanks to all the people who applied, we know it takes a lot of time and effort to share your ideas. I hope you guys will share more ideas or projects with us in the future, both for the community feedback and the fun of sharing your project with others. Above all, a sincere gratitude to you all for your interest and patience being with us and wish you enjoy making! Related link? Monthly Free Trial: Bluno M3 + Expansion Shield.