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DIY Life-Size Phone Controlled BB8 Droid (Part III)

DFRobot Feb 14 2016 385

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Step 25: BB8's Eyelids (lens cap)


Cut a piece of plastic from a plastic cup, and spray it black! Viola!

Step 26: More Parts And Details For BB8's Head


BB8's has two antennas. We took a WiFi antenna an hot glued it to the head. For the other antenna, we used a white solid wire. I added an MP3 module and a speaker on more Version 2.0.

Step 27: Build The Mechanism - Cut Some Wood


I used a 1/4" thick MDF wood as the base of the robotic mechanism inside BB8's body.

Step 28: Build A Makeshift Lithium Battery Pack


This is my new thing now. I save tons of money by assembling my own Lithium-ion battery pack. In this project I'm using a 4 cell battery pack. I simply just soldered four 18650 (3.7v 2000mAh) Lithium-ion batteries in series. 18650 rechargeable batteries are very cheap and common nowadays. I made two sets of these and connected them in parallel. I now have a total of 14.4v (4,000mAh)! It also costs less than my Turningy bats!

Step 29: Mount The Metal Gearbox

Mount the metal gearbox together with the brackets on the MDF/ wooden platform. Use nuts & bolts, not glue.

Step 30: Establish The Electronics (+How It Works)

How It Works:

The phone app sends characters via Bluetooth every time you press a button. The Bluetooth module receives the data while the Arduino interprets and processes these data. The Arduino sends signals to the Motor Driver shield to give a go signal for the switching of the motors.


1st.) Mount the Arduino to the platform
2nd.) Stack the Motor Driver Shield
3rd.) Connect the left motor's wires to M1A & M1B
4th.) Connect the right motor's wires to M2A & M2B
5th.) Mount The Lithium-Ion Batteries


Step 31: Add The Bluetooth Module


Step 32: Program The Robotic Mechanism

Here's the Arduino Code. Before you upload the code/ program to your Arduino Uno board, be sure to install the Pololu Motor Driver Library. Also, please do not forget to disconnect the TX-RX lines of the Bluetooth module from the Arduino. This is done to prevent the Bluetooth module from interfering with the Arduino during the programming process.

Don't know how to install an Arduino library? Find the instructions here!


Step 33: Download The Phone App


Here's a link to the phone app that I've used. It's named as 'Arduino Bluetooth RC Car'. It's a very simple app to use.

How To Use It:

1.) Download the app form the play store/ itunes.
2.) Launch the app
3.) Open the configure window (wrench icon)
4.) Tap; connect.
5.) Select HC-05 (The name of the Bluetooth module)
6.) The red light should turn green once it establishes BT communication.


Step 34: Cut BB8's Body In Half

Use a hacksaw to cut BB8's body in half.

Step 35: Build Makeshift Rollers!

Roll-on deodorants!


Step 36: Build BB8's Internal Magnetic Head Mechanism


BB8 has a magnetic mechanism that keeps the head upright. He has a Internal and External one. In my design, I hot glued four Roll-on deodorants (as my makeshift rollers) on a round wooden plate. I then attached a servo with two large magnets attached to it. The plate is mounted to the base with four elongated wooden shafts.

That's all for the Part.III. Stay tuned and the next part is coming soon!