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DIY Life-Size Phone Controlled BB8 Droid (Part IV)

DFRobot Feb 15 2016 416

Part I
Part II
Part III

Step 37: Where Can I Find Magnets?

Speaker drivers are good sources of strong magnets. I recycled two blown out speakers and extracted the magnets from it.


Step 38: External Magnetic Mechanism - Add Magnets To The Head


Make A Delta Roller:
Again, I made a roller set, this time for the outside (BB8's head). I made a delta/ triangular roller set. Then again, I used roll-on deodorants for the makeshift rollers and then I used a light weight plastic shaft to connect three rollers together. The shaft was taken from a plastic segment of a clothes hanger.

Position The Magnets:
Install the half of BB8's body (above the internal mechanism) then throw your magnets where the magnet is located from the other side. Let them attract each. Ta-daaa! You don't have to take measurements in order to find the exact position of the other the magnets from the other end. Finally hot glue the magnets to the Delta Roller and then hot glue the Delta Roller to the Stryofoam head of BB8.

Step 39: Add An MP3 Module (w/ MP3 File Download)

Downloadable MP3 Files:
Find a the lightest MP3 module you can find. Attach a loud but lightweight speakers to the audio output and upload these BB8 audio/ voice files. Download these MP3 files containing BB8's voice. Copy the files to a SD/ Micro SD card, then insert the card to the MP3 module. Now BB8 can talk!

Step 40: Seal The Robot


Encapsulate the robotic mechanism and use superglue or wood glue to seal BB8's body together.

1.) Temporarily stick strips of ductape while you glue the sections of the ball. The ductape will hold and align the both semicircular spheres as you glue them together
2.) If you're confident with your work and decided never to crack it open again, use some wood putty then sand it off. This will hide the line of your cut. Repaint BB8's body, and it will look like a solid sphere!

Step 41: Moment of Truth - Test It!

Step 42: Findings


Step 43: How do I charge It?


Step 44: Building A BB8? Join The BB8 Builder's Club!


Join the official Facebook group of The Builder's Club! Learn and share idea with fellow members who are building a 1:1 scale BB8 droids! (Visit The Page)

Step 45: Future Upgrades


Step 46: Version # 2 - Coming Soon!

In the early stage of testing in my DIY BB8 (v2.0), I tested if the inner and outer magnetic mechanisms work.This is v2.0 of my build. It uses the same materials but uses a different mechanism (single axis orientation). I'm currently remodeling the head to make it lighter. The external head rollers works! Same as my previous build, no 3D printers nor CNCs were used. The body is made with paper mache, deodorant roll-ons & wooden mechanism chassis. Hope this would give motivation and hope to those who are struggling to make theirs work. Never give up! May the force be with you!


Step 47: People's Reaction In Encountering A Real BB8 In Public

I'll bring this guy to the mall and make a reaction video.
Reaction video coming soon...
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