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How to Make a Portable Toy Speaker

DFRobot Apr 13 2016 1170
This 3D printing portable toy speaker is made for fun on Valentine’s day. Now let’s share with you the making method.

First let’s build a 3D modeling Print the model, use putty to clean the printing marks, and polish the model’s surface with emery paper (the picture for which the model was printed was lost and we can only start with the picture you see above);

Load two 5200 milliampere lithium batteries into the toy;

Install the one inch HiVi speaker in the toy’s body.

Install the switch
Assemble the printed cover at the top

Spray lacquer

Spray lacquer on the toy’s head;

Here I used Audio Analyzer and Analog sound sensor as sound module. 

This is the battery charging section, where we directly use the electronic board from a power bank;

Bluetooth loudspeaker module

Put JBL’s one-inch high-pitched woofers on both sides of the toy’s head

Put the buckle on the top of the toy

Thread the switches of each electric board and connect them to the switch on the reverse side;

Weld all the components together, use 12 pieces 4X4 led joint approach (put white tiny pieces of paper in front of led)

This is the best part, 48 Swarovski crystals


Put the crystals in front of the led  

String all the accessories I bouthgt;

It’s all done Finally, a family portrait (Hah!