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A trip to Maker Faire Vienna 2016

DFRobot Apr 19 2016 216
This time, We DFRobot arrive in Vienna- the City of Music! We are here for the Maker Faire Vienna 2016. What’s the most interesting project here? Any inspiration can we get? Let’s have a quick look!

The event held in a three-storey wooden house, where there’s a in-depth insight of history.

There's an experience area in the 3rd floor. You can join the workshop or attend lectures here.

This is the most popular area for Children, because they can have fun with the Lego toy here.

DFRobot in Maker Faire Vienna.

Children are really attracted by Vortex.

We met one of the backer of Latte Panda!


A pinball bar.

First night’s Maker Party.

The robot band

This could be the world’s fatest speedcubing robot. It can solve a side of any Rbik’s cube in about 2 senconds.

 Brainwash Robot. This is a crazy invention. You could put your head into the washing machine. Everytime you change the washing mode, you would hear the diffrence voice!

An adorkable bear walk down from the slope in rhythm.

If you had this trousers, you would never to worry about couldn’t find a seat in public! Two telescopic stick hide in the trousers. Everytime you need a seat, you could pull the stick out (shown in the picture) and sit on it.

These medival equipment are 3d printed or cut by laser. Extremely artistic!

Humanoid sumo robot.

A raising and falling table.

Laser-cutted artwork.

The first open-sourced 4K camera.

An equipment for mixing cocktail, get dunk yo!

Military series.

We met a lot of interesting friends here. Really fun in Maker Faire Vienna!