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IDF 2016 Intel Summit

DFRobot Apr 21 2016 230

IDF16 “Splendidness Comes from Your Innovation” is held in Shenzhen as planned. In this summit, Intel is going to share its strategic plan featuring growing together with China.

As global strategic cooperation partner, DFRobot is invited to showcase the whole maker ecosystem co-founded by DF and Intel. It aims to present the application of Intel’s chip and development board in maker field and prototype building, and provide more convenience and inspiration for “makers”.
Besides, Intel is going to share its cooperation progress with other partners to bring more cutting edge cool technology to the public’s attention.

The latest plan of Intel’s ®Curie™ development platform

 Followed by a fascinating martial arts performance, IDF was unveiled officially. It also means that the Intel’s ®Curie™ development platform that was embedded in these robotic Taichi players came into the market officially in mainland China. People following Intel and DFRobot must have an idea of this button-size development platform. It incorporates strong computing skills, blue tooth, WiFi connection, built-in gyroscope and low energy consumption features. Match it with the Genuino101 that is specifically designed for this platform, it can spark unprecedented imagination and creation.

The latest and the most explosive news from Intel ® Real Sense™ technology
As a star product, Intel ® Real Sense™ technology evolves from traditional plane figure capture to 3D figure capture. Today, it has been widely used on personal consumption goods such as computer, tablet, and mobile phone. However, this is not the end of the story. The research and development of this technology is based on human eyes. In the following scenario, Intel is going to bestow electronic eyes to robots so that they can see the world clearly.

 Mr. Yang Xu announced Intel’s latest “passing key” plan targeting the latest development of robot. The plan aims to develop Intel ® Real Sense™ technology into development kits and pass them to all the partners who are willing to join the game of robot area. These development kits include Intel ® Real Sense™ robot development kit that can walk on the ground, Intel ® Real Sense™ robot development board and R200 Real Sense camera. This set of kit can be reserved in advance now.
Now let us get closer to this summit and learn more cutting edge technologies.

 This sexy and beautiful robot can leverage real sense technology to identify gestures, such as whether you have scissors, paper or stone.

A common mirror, if equipped with real sense technology, can scan you and get data about you such as your height. Even though it is not accurate, it is still such a miracle.


In DFRobot booth, we mainly show Arduino 101 development kit, LattePanda , Intel Edison breakout kit and Devastator robot.

 DFRobot’s Devastator Robot Kit has fully supported Intel’s Internet of Things service integration development kit. Users can use this development kit to control the movement of robot and camera from webpage and watch the video through WebRTC technology in real time. By taking on the advantage of graphical programming, users can produce program by simply dragging pictures. This will enable cooperation among different censors and modules, as well as realize even more complex function.



This magical pair of glass can integrate all the censors and display screens to monitor people’s health data without being connected to any APP. It is only available on US market at the price of USD 499.

 This is a music demonstration board based on Intel Curie’s gesture censor. Waving two hands can produce classic “dang dang dang”.

 This is a very efficient pen which can help you take notes conveniently. Double click on the interface can change hand writing font. It can also identify the chirography or add frame for the text.
 These are VR’s applications in game. Four people sitting on stools can compete with each other and see who’s the first to get data box and put it into database.

 A designated “Maker” space is set up for creators to show their own projects. There is also one hands-on area so that the creators have two days to work on their own creations.