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February Free Trial Results (LCD12864 Shield)

DFRobot Mar 06 2014 357

Dear friends, 

Hope you all had a great time last week, we have received quite a lot applications for February Free Trial in a week. Thanks to all the people who applied, we know it takes a lot of time and effort to share your ideas. Now, the list of these 6 winners of February Free Trial of LCD12864 Shield is finally out. Congratulations to them all! 

They are: Marc St***l <mr***[email protected]> Ethan D***s <ethan.d***[email protected]> Gabriel A***a <dr.gab*******@gmail.com> PA**B <Ralph@pa**b.nl> Mitch H****n <b*****ek8***[email protected]> Rhys B****e <w***[email protected]> I hope you guys will share more ideas or projects with us, both for the community feedback and the fun of sharing your project with others. And keep your eyes peeled – we’ve got plenty more free trials coming up! Related link? 

February Free Trial – Get the $24 LCD12864 Shield for Free!