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New Product Release

DFRobot Jul 08 2016 260

Dear Customers:

We are so excited to announce the lauch of these new products.

Buy these on Anniversary Week (Jul.10-Jul. 16), you'll get gifts such as stickers, USB BLE link, sensors, jumper wires.... for FREE.

Free Gifts on the Anniversary Week

Note: Please do not forget to choose your gifts in the red circle area.


New Arrivals

Starter Kit for Genuino/ Arduino 101 with Tutorials

This Intel Curie based kit is a plug&play electronics kit that provides Arduino beginners and makers with the easiest experience of learning and playing with the Arduino platform. 

The kit is provided with a step-by-step tutorial, which aims to help Arduino beginners to understand Arduino programming.The tutorial goes through the installation of the Arduino IDE, its programming language, how to build electric circuit, how to use different electric components and their signaling. It also includes instruction for building projects.

Starter Kit for Genuino/Arduino 101 Kit with Tutorials
Buy it on this Anniversary week, you'll get a DFRobot sticker and a notebook for free!

Go to the product page and read more!

HCR Mobile Platform with Omni Wheels

HCR (Home Care Robot) with Omni wheels is a full metal open source mobile platform designed for home robotics use and development. Same as previous generations, the structure of the HCR is divided into 3 layers, each with slots for installing distance sensors, servos or cameras. There is also plenty of space for other expansions modules. More than that, equipped with 3 high torque Omni wheels with encoders, it is capable of all-direction pinpoint transitional motions and turning motions.  

But it on Anniversary Week, you'll get a DFRobot sticker, an line tracking sensor and jumper wires(High Quality 30 pack) for free!

Go to the product page and read more!

Two Way 1.5A Motor Driver - HR8833

This tumbnail-sized product is able to drive two-way 1.5A DC brush motors! Both sides of the module configure standard XH2.54 pins, which means you can directlyplug it on a breadboard or prototype board. This motor driver is a perfect tool in your DIY projects!

Buy it on the Anniversary Week and get a DFRobot Sticker for free!

Go to the product page and read more!

Gravity: Non-contact Liquid Level Sensor XKC-Y25-T12V

The sensor utilizes advanced signal processing technology to achieve non-contact liquid level detection. Besides, it is equipped with an interface adapter that makes it compatible with DFRobot "Gravity" interface. There are 4 levels of sensitivity that you could adjust based on your needs. 

Buy it on the Anniversary Week and get a DFRobot Sticker for free!

Go to the product page and read more!

BLE Wireless Gamepad V2

Based on the previous version, V2.0 is not only improved on hardware, but also made connection more stable. In addition, AT function is added on this version so that users can change basic settings like turn on/off shaking function by using AT commands. This gamepad also supports KISS connection—now you can connect it to any device by closing them up. 

Buy it on the Anniversary Week and get a USB BLE link for free!

Go to the product page and read more!