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PROJECTS 3D Printing

If we can't play Pokemon Go, let’s make an AR Pikachu

DFRobot Sep 07 2016 770

I don’t have a VPNso let’s make an AR (augmented reality) Pikachu!

This project is divided into two sections:

The first section describes how to make an augmented reality identifiable object. We will 3D print an object that our software can identify.

The second section vaguely discusses how to make an app using Unity with an AR plug-in.

3D print the following object. When it is printed, paint and lacquer it so it looks nice. After the spray is completely dried, use emery paper to grind off any rough bits. 

Next, we need to add electronics. For this project, the hardware is relatively simple: one DFRobot Beetle BLE - The smallest Arduino bluetooth 4.0 controller and a full-color led lamp ring. Solder these parts together and insert them in to the case as pictured. Want a schematic for it? Tough.                                                                                                                                                    

There is meant to be a code uploaded online somewhere. After soldering your circuit together and uploading the magic code, try powering it on.

Now we need to make the AR app. The app is created in Unity and uses Vuforia.

Finished! Hope you worked it out ok!