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How to Make an 3D Printing Automatic Flip Frame

DFRobot Sep 13 2016 736

Christmas is coming! How about diy an 3D printing automatic flip frame for Christmas gift?

We'll teach you to how to make this flip frame step by step including how to 3D print the components, how to connect the electronics! 

3D printers are needed for making this gift, but you could also borrow one from the local hacker space!

Main functions of the frame
1.Light 2 and 3 will be lit every hour, leds make an animated display, the music box starts to play music

2.Photos in the frame will flip automatically every half an hour. Meanwhile, the frame will display animations and the time. Light 2 and 3 will be lit

3.Led will display one animation while lightening light 3 every minute or so; 

4. There are two movement options when someone approaches. When the light is sufficient, led will display animation and the current time; when there is no enough light, led will display animation and the current time, while turning on led 1, 2 and 3 lights; (Now I’ ve got one more small automatic nightlight in my living room);

First, let’s start modeling.

Start 3D printing

Assemble the small 3D printed pieces with glue

Install the gear motor into the frame

Splice the frame with glue and color on it

Continue printing and lacquering the accessories; 

Put the led into the triangle and the semicircle on the top, then decorate it with copper wire; 

Put the 8x8 led matrix and illuminating led into the frame

Fix the illuminating model onto the frame with hot-melt glue;

Take out the operating crank of the purchased windup music box, then install the reel; 

Install the movement onto the frame, and then install the transmission belt;

Print the shutter parts 

Put them into the frame to guarantee smooth movement; 

Install the stepping motor at the bottom cover and attach it onto the frame with glue; (Mind the intervals between the wheels installed)

Stick the frame carrier onto the frame

Install the accessories made before onto the side frame; 

Install the assembled characters with led and stick it onto the holder;

Connect the modules according to the diagram and upload codes; 

Put the modules into the box and install them onto the rear cover; 

Install the frame

All done!