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Introducing Flamewheel – A Reliable Educational Robot

DFRobot Mar 10 2017 637

Our latest robot is an agile, two wheeled educational robot that we have dubbed “Flamewheel”. With laser cut linden wood construction and based around a Romeo BLE mini (A tiny Arduino microcontroller with integrated Bluetooth 4.0) it certainly is a reliable little bot. 

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s put it to the test: let’s turn it in to a real Flamewheel robot!

Disclaimer: Fire is very dangerous and should not be played with. Do not try this at home. We are professional engineers and know exactly what we are doing.

The Flamewheel robot uses two wheels with independent motors to drive around.

We soaked the wooden wheels with lighter fluid.

And then we set it alight! How’s that for a Flamewheel?

We left it burning for 3 minutes and it still runs fast like nothing happens! 

Here is the video!

As you can see, DFRobot’s Flamewheel is reliable, even when it is on fire.

DFRobot Flamewheel is a reliable education tool that helps you learn about electronics as well as mechanical principles. Assemble the kit, program it, and use your smartphone as a remote control. If it can survive fire, it can survive anything! 

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