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Make A Boson Dress For Your La La Land Dance

DFRobot Jun 15 2017 620

Here is a new project of Boson - Make A Boson Dress For Your La La Land Dance.



Some tile sensors and multicolor light LED has been used in this project. 


The tilt sensor from the DFRobot's Boson Kit make the led light up or out. When you are dancing, the multicolor light led will blink.


About  DFRobot's Boson Kit

Boson kit is a powerful STEM Kit for kids to develop their logical and creative skills. It breaks down complicated circuits into simple, functional modules that are easy to understand. The kit requires no coding or soldering which decorates an ideal starting place for enthusiastic young inventors, educators and tinkerers. 



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How Can I Get This Refund?

After you succeed in backing DFRobot’s BOSON on Kickstarter, please message us your DFRobot account through Kickstarter post message.

Once we bring DFRobot’s BOSON kit into life, we will add the refund to your DFRobot account as store credits ASAP.



Please note: 

1. Since the reward will be refunded as store credits. If you forget to left your DFRobot account, I'm afraid we don't know how to refund you. PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE MESSAGE US YOUR DFROBOT ACCOUNT!

2. Considering to that there might be a lot of comments we need to reply, it would take approximately 20 working days to deal with related refunding issues.


How Can I Use The Credit?

After the campaign completed, you will find the store credit on your personal account page within 20 working days. One store credit equal to one US dollar. 


On the checkout step, the store credits will be automatically applied (See figure 2). The left of your store credits will be safely kept in your account until your next purchase. 


Back This Project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1371216747/dfrobot-boson-a-powerful-building-block-for-stem?ref=discovery