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DIY Launchpad: Unleash Your Creativity

DFRobot Nov 22 2017 777

When I switched on Xiami Music, I found Jack Ma's new song Feng Qingyang
Excuse me, the rich can really do as they want.

It seems that poverty has restricted my imagination.
So decided to DIY a Launchpad by myself and got back to my car immediately.
I went to the graffiti street in Shanghai to buy some materials.


I finished it in one week, but as a maker having endless thirst for knowledge, I had to know its deeper culture.


It came to my mind that hip-hop programs: hip-hop, launchpad, graffiti, sliding plate, black people, gossipmonger and street dance emerged in China recently.
New York is a city full of enthusiasm and in fast pace. Due to narrow living environment some people have to live on the street. 
In addition to the great gap between the rich and the poor, for the people living at the subculture social fringe under such social pressure, it's sufficient to form the so-called anti-culture clique.
Brooklyn is the source of hip-hop.
The classic movie Hustle & Flow includes the song It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp which was nominated for Academy Award for Best Original Song.
Step 1: Generate drawings for cutting acrylic plate

Step 2: Install Arduino Leonardo and prepare three m3x10 screws and 6 m3 nuts.

Step 3: Draw the printed circuit board (PCB) and send it to any PCB factory for printing.

Step 4:Purchase the required electronic components, including HT16K33 28SOPled drive ic, 0603 capacitor 10uf, 0805 resistor 47kΩ 10kΩ, switching diode IN4148WS, 3mm or 5mm round-head LED (any color, according to the preference)

Step 5: Start welding and test (Note the polarity of IN4148WS, and the side with white bar is the negative pole)

Step 6: Download the test code for arduino and connect the PCB to test whether the key on-off is normal.


Step 7: Assemble the black acrylic plate and screw 4 m3x15 set screws


How to play it?
You need spend one day to learn it.