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DFRobot Sponsors Esigelectronix in 2 Robotics Cup

DFRobot Aug 02 2013 359

A while ago DFRobot donated a batch of eletronic products to support a robotic club called ESIGELECTRONIX to participate in the French robotics cup. And the thing they are doing is pretty interesting which I'd like to share with you guys. 


ESIGELECTRONIX, robotics club

ESIGELECTRONIX, robotics club is a robotics club in the engineering school ESIGELEC in France. It was created in 1995 to gather engineering students who like robotics. That’s why each year they participate in the French robotics cup where teams coming from everywhere in France are challenging. 


2 robotics cups 

The first robotics cup takes place in France in May where ESIGELECTRONIX are going to challenge other team. The 3 best French teams are going to participate in the second robotics cup: EUROBOT where European teams are challenging. 

This year there are many activities to do. There are in fact five actions:
- Revealing the contents of gifts
- Blow out the candles
- Send the cherries on top of cake
- Stack glasses
- Inflate balloons (Funny Action)