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Coming with a New Idea to Make a “Light Alarm Clock”

DFRobot Dec 21 2017 225

I have finished my work finally. Now, I want to share you with a new idea to make a “light alarm clock”. I am often waken up with a start by the ordinary clock in the dream (Maybe my heart is not good). It will be much better if my brain and heart get ready before the alarm clock rings. So I come up with the idea to make a light alarm clock to change the deep sleep to light sleep with the changing light before the alarm clock rings. Moreover, the changing light can be changed to the sleep light to reduce people’s pressure with changing color.

OK. Let’s started! Wait a minute, I have to change the sand for my cat at first (it is screeching)

OK. Let’s started!

List of Components

Broken hard disk X 1 (Not: The multi-disk one shall be used. I use Western Digital 2T dark disk)

LED 3W warm color X 1

8-digit full-color RGB light ring X 1

Arduino  pro X 1

Boss perfume (for men) bottle X 1

Bluetooth module X 1

Mobile phone X 1

Triode X 1

Cooling fin X 1

Coupling X 1

1. Firstly, disassemble the perfume bottle.

2. Then, disassemble the hard disk

3. Make a mobile phone support with copper wire and fix it on the segmented piece disassembled from the hard disk with screws.

4. Use the copper wire to make perfume bottle support and install it on the support of hard disk magnetic head (With such support, the ball can project the light to different direction).

5. Make a clamp with copper sheet, drill holes on it and weld it on the coupling (and paint it),

6. Assemble the hard disk partition plate, magnetic head frame and coupling together with copper cylinder (In this picture, the mobile phone support is at the wrong direction. Remake it at the reverse direction).

7. Install led on the radiator.

8. Then, install the radiator into the perfume bottle.

9. At last, weld the connecting line, download the program and assemble it.

Note: The program and APP are still being adjusted and need to be improved in some aspects. After the adjustment is finished, I will share more with you (I want to share the preliminary making and idea with you. Don’t be angry….... [url=][/url])