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Wise Tips from MAKE Readers

DFRobot Jul 29 2013 286
MAKE put a call out on their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, G+) to invite their readers to share their favorite tips. The response on Twitter was fantastic — tweeters are already used to forming thoughts into aphorisms because of Twitter’s 140 character limit. Here are some of the really wise ones:
Don’t get so caught up in thinking that you never do anything.
-- Garrett Mace

Measure twice. Cut once.
-- Acme Tools

Never buy cheap screwdrivers.
-- Daniele Faugiana

Leave tweeter, go make something.
-- Nicolas Giraud

Never work when you are tired.
-- RedParrot

Never use your finger to check if the hot glue has cooled down. It hasn’t.
-- Simon Langhof

Automotive polishing compound on a clean damp rag can make grubby, scratched, and stained things shine. Plastics, metal…paint even!
-- Stefan Edward Jones

Rubbing alcohol removes sharpie marks from most smooth surfaces.
-- Lenore Edman

Do not attempt to wire a breadboard when you have just taken asthma meds.
-- Annie Elliott

If you borrow a clean tool, return it clean. If you borrow a dirty tool, return it clean.
-- Jim Catán Ch.E.

Double check the spelling of your employer/clients name on the silkscreen of your PCB. Not that I’ve done this. :)
-- Low Voltage Labs

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.
-- Daniel Would

Don’t release the magic smoke.
-- Chris Lee

Learn to draw in isometric perspective, it can really help you visualize a project.
-- Hurr it’s the Durr

When filling a pcb start with the shortest components and work up to the tallest or else its like soldering through skyscrapers!
-- concrete dog

Estate sales are a great place to get quality tools and materials.
-- Hurr it’s the Durr

Wet your soldering sponge with tea. It’s slightly acidic and will give the soldering iron a wonderfully clean tip.
-- Bradd Libby

Don’t be afraid to take things apart. Overcoming that fear is often the hardest part of fixing things.
-- Richard Davies

Pick your tool after you plan your job.
-- Eric Rauschenberg

Check out all the responses on Twitter. Source: Make