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PROJECTS Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Game Machine

DFRobot Jan 12 2018 185

“Raspberry Pi Foundation”—a charitable organization in the UK developed a microcomputer with the credit card size in line with the tenet of making the computer more interesting. Its system is based on Linux.

What advantages does it have compared with general computer?

It is small, light, power-saving and very cheap.
What can we use it for? We can use Raspberry Pi to edit Office file, study programming, browse the web page and play a game, etc.

In recent years, the games Arena of Valor and Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) have attracted lots of pupils, but most people are surely unfamiliar with and even feel suspicious about Arcade game. How is such cumbersome, ugly and inefficient machine connected with the game? However, for most old players, “Arcade game”represents an indelible memory and an inspiring sensation.
Super Mario played on the Family Computer was a type of nostalgic 2D action game. Super Mario was one of most tormenting games on the game machine in those years. The game had great difficulty, rich plot and ultra-low error-tolerant rate, so the players were still difficult to clear all stages even by racking brains.

1. List of Materials
Raspberry Pi Zero imported from UK in original packaging
TF card Class10 high speed SanDisk (8G)
Brand new 2.2’’ display screen SPI serial port ILI9340 14PIN
1000mah 3.7v lithium battery
Key control board
Lithium battery charging panel and 5V voltage boosting plate
3-pin power switch
A pack of connecting lines
3D-printing game machine enclosure
A manual paint spraying tank and a piece of waste paper

Comparison table of connecting lines:
18  ----- Left key
24  -----  Right key
 5 ----- Down key
6  ----- Up key
12  -----  A key
13  ----- B key
16 ----- X key
19 -----  Y key
20  -----key L
21  ----- key R
2. Enclosure Making
3D model preview and printing parameters setting: There are seven model files: upper and low enclosures, left and right keys, direction key, strike key A/B, screen function key.

Printing parameters setting: layer height: 0.2 mm; filling: 40%; flow: 90%; printing speed: default; no support and adhesion; accelerated back extraction of printing wire (to prevent wiredrawing).

After the real object is printed, polish the enclosure surface with abrasive paper.

The player with condition can select to spray the paint for coloring
Notes during paint spraying: Wear a mask and take the action quickly. If conditions allow, you can accelerate the painting with hot air blower.
3. Game Simulator Installation
RetroPie is an open-source game simulator to make your Raspberry Pi or PC become a nostalgic game machine. It integrates famous game systems such as Nintendo Family Computer, GameBoy and SNES and has very high playability. You can directly install RetroPie on Raspbian, but it takes a long time, so I choose to directly download RetroPie mirror image on the RetroPie’s official website.

You may directly read .zip RAR with USB Image Tool. Download zip format system image from the website, and then you can directly use it without extraction!
Click Restore and select .zip file. Note: You may not see .zip file in the dialog box opened (default). Don’t worry! You only need to select “All Files (*.*)”at “file type”.

Insert the processed SD card into the Raspberry Pi Zero and power on the system to start it.

4. Hardware Making
Firstly, you need to weld all keys on the left and right by yourself;

The circuit making part of display screen is a little complicated: Firstly, you need to make PCB (circuit designed by yourself, as shown below) by yourself, weld 2.4’’ naked screen and CAT24C32 display screen drive chip on the PCB and also need to weld 4 keys at the bottom (corresponding to four operations: menu, exit, function and self-definition), 2 triodes, 4 capacitors (104 uf) and resistors (3x10k; 2x1k; 1x100 Ohm from top to bottom on the left below).

Conduct wiring in accordance with the schematic circuit diagram; I added a voltage boosting plate (red module) between the charging plate and Raspberry Pi.
After the internal circuit is finished, fix it with rubber gun + AB glue, close the enclosure and tighten screws. Then, you may start up and then play a game enjoyably!

The built-in games include: Arcade games: Metal Slug, THE KING OF FIGHTERS, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, San Goku Shi
Family Computer games: Contra, Double Dragon, Battle City, Road Rash, Super Mario
Large games: CS, web game,
You can play whatever game you want!

The youth often play games.