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Make Your Own Blinky Box

DFRobot Jul 19 2013 419

This Blinky Box is a gift from Miria Grunick to her two-year old nephew. Since her nephew is a fan of lights and buttons, she wanted to make something blinky for him to enjoy . The concept was simple: make a clear box with buttons and lights that would change color and pattern based on the buttons that were pressed. She calls this the Blinky Box. It’s an acrylic enclosure stuffed with pretty LEDs that is controlled with a few buttons.

It’s driven by a Teensy 3 board which monitors a half dozen colorful buttons, a mode selector on the side, and an on/off switch. The device is powered by a Lithium battery that recharges via USB. And of course there’s a strip of individually addressable RGB LEDs inside. The demo shows that one mode allows you to press a button color and have the LEDs change to it. But there are other features like fade and scroll. She also mentions that since it can be reprogrammed the toy can grow with him. Maybe it’ll be a Simon Says game. But eventually she hopes he’ll use it to learn the basics of programming for himself.

Source? hackaday  Blinky Box