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Raspberry Pi 3B+ Cover Installation Guide

DFRobot Jun 12 2018 676

In this post we will show you how to assemble Raspberry Pi 3B+ cover. More Raspberry Pi 3B+ tutorials are coming soon.

1. Firstly, place one side of the Raspberry Pi 3B+ into the two slots in the direction of the arrow (It is recommended to install three heat sinks in advance, then plug SD card after the cover is installed).

2. Secondly, connect the upper cover to one side of the base accordingly, shown as below. Then put the cover and the base together (Note: The snap joint is easy to break, please install it carefully).

3. Thirdly, stick the anti-slip pads to the bottom of the cover.

4. The installation is completed.

Please do as follows if you need to open the cover

Press the position shown as below with your fingertip, then open one side of the joints when it is loosened, and remove the top cover.

When remove the Raspberry Pi 3B+, please toggle the joints shown as below in the direction of the arrow. Then you can take it out once it is loosened (If the SD card is already installed, please remove the card first before this step).