ArcBotics Robotics Hexapod Kit

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ArcBotics's Hexapod(Hexy) is a fully articulated hexapod robot kit. It has 6 legs, 19 servo motors and is powered by Arduino, while maintaining an affordable price than other hexapod robots. It makes complex robotics less costly, easier to learn with the tutorials and documentation, while being radically more fun (and cute!). At the same time its built with completely open source hardware and software, making discovery and extension as easy as building it in the first place. Hexy has been featured on Engadget, Wired, New York Times, MAKE, and more.
Use it to learn advanced robotics concepts like inverse kinematics, or use pre-built code to have it march to your bidding. Build it using the high-quality  picture filled tutorials, and it is ready to walk, play and dance with pre-built demos. Adding moves is as easy as opening and editing a text file, and moves are easily share-able as simple text files.

  • ArcBotics showing off Hexy Robot reviews from Engadget
  • Hexy the Hexapod - Complete Assembly

  • Hexy dancing “Thriller” from a customer, enjoy!

Packing List
Hex Bag of Legs (Plastic Pieces) x7
Hex Bag of Body (Plastic Pieces) x1
Misc Bag:
Bluetooth Serial Module x1
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor x1
Screwdriver x1
Power Cable(s) x1
Battery Case(s) x1
USB MiniB Cord x1
32-Servo Robot Controller (Arduino-Comparible) x1
Servo x20
Bag of Screws x1


  • Low cost, 1/10th the price of other hexapod kits
  • Program moves as a text file. Easy commands like “rotate right 40 deg”
  • Easy to program more functionality. Arduino micro controller, Python move generator/controller
  • Easy to assemble – Full step-by-step tutorials, geared towards the high school level and above
  • Completely Arduino-compatible, the Servotor32 controller uses the same chip as the Arduino Leonardo
  • Comes with demo moves pre-available. Have it dance immediately once built!
  • Completely Open-Source. Code, Laser cutter DXF/STL/SLDWRKS files, electronics board files, everything. 


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ArcBotics Hexapod Kit x1




ArcBotics Robotics Hexapod Kit

Out Of Stock
  • 2-4$248.00
  • 5-9$245.00
  • 10+$240.00